Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

It has been a lovely day. We had strong storms come through here overnight with strong winds, lightening, thundering and drenching rain. We needed it. I love when I don't have to pay to water my lawn.

Sunday, we spent the day putting the house back together. We were able to get the window treatments up, at least most of them. A couple of the rooms will require professional assistance so a call to decorator is in order. The house is looking positively magnificent.

Today was a little more low-keyed. We still have a ton of work to do but we needed a break just as much. We did a little shopping today, heading to Meijer to pick up some items not found at Sam's Club. I don't think about shopping at Meijer but I should. It's little more out of the way but it is very well stocked with all kinds of things and their prices are really good. I can get better meat at Sam's Club but I have to remember Meijer.

Tomorrow, we hope to bring the house remodel (Phase 2) to closure. The external trim is going up including the front door. We will still have some work to do (mostly painting) but Paul loves it and will knock it out in no time.

Today, we also remembered Paul's friend, Dan Shanower, who was murdered by the plane flying into the Pentagon. Paul wrote a lovely note on him and you can read it here. Tonight, the puck drops at 8pm in Game 2. Go Wings!

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