Saturday, May 10, 2008


It's Saturday morning, a little past 7:00 am and I got to SLEEP IN. I can hardly stand it. (John, don't bother saying that this isn't sleeping in....) Actually I got up at 6:40 because Mr. Handsome was talking to me and telling me that there were bunnies in his yard, or squirrels, and SOMEONE had to go take care of the interlopers. So we got up, chased away the heathens and made a big ole pot of coffee. I am sipping from my Desron 20 cup (Destroyer Squadron for you non-Navy types). Wherever Paul was stationed, I have a coffee cup with the name of the duty station and my name, in case I forget what it is. Which is always possible.

Paul was out the door early this morning, running in the Fifth Third Riverbank Run. Whenever he has been home, he tries to run it, with a number of his Navy friends. I am sure that he will have a wonderful run - it's gorgeous here right now, good sun, very cool and most importantly NO RAIN.

I have decided that I must, absolutely positively get my pictures in order. I have pictures scattered on every computer, every place and am reasonably sure that I don't have ALL the pictures in one place. This is the drawback of sometimes, dare I say it, being disorganized...Sigh. When I was culling through the pictures stored on my Mac, I found some magnificent pictures of Allister, and some of Paul, as we started the journey toward his retirement from the Navy. About this time last year, he (and we) were starting to plan his retirement - party, transition, etc. Picking the date and the time and the fun and the food. Over those next three months, we went through everything and had a blast doing it. We also knew that Allie was on her slide down, and all I kept saying to her was, 'just make it through Chicago.' And she did.

I snapped some great pictures of her lounging in the chair after a great run on the beach (she was always so poofy after the water), playing with her frisbee and just walking with Paul. Fast forward a year later. We are in our 'death house' (ok it's not as morbid as it sounds - we will probably go outta here feet first, which will be easy because it's a ranch), both having fun with our jobs and another furry family member to keep us humble.

Well, it's time to do what I do best on Saturdays. Do some work around said abode (and it needs it), start some laundry, hang with Handsome Boy and think about the Red Wings and game 2. Let's Go, Red Wings!!

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