Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wrapping up the weekend

It was a very busy Saturday! Paul had a terrific time running in the 5k. After he finished up the race and cleaned up, we had some errands to run. The cupboards were VERY bare so we need to get in some grocery shopping, pick up some miscellaneous items (I was out of decent coffee), and to grab some lunch. Saturdays we normally eat out and today we grabbed Jimmy Johns.

The rest of day was filled with obligatory stuff. I had to get the laundry done and some bills paid, we cut the grass with Paul edging and cutting the front and I cut the back. Having had two homes for a number of years, we have two lawn mowers. Our initial thought was to sell one of them but with the size of our yard, we can divide and conquer. Works out pretty well.

The entire evening revolved around the Red Wings/Dallas Stars game. Before the game started, we joined our fun neighbors, Amy and Dennis for an adult beverage. They are such wonderful people and have the greatest kids. Of course, there is our favorite furry neighbor, Annie and the love of Samson's life. So while we chatted about life, the universe and everything, Mr. Handsome and Ms. Annie played for a while. For whatever reason, Samson loves their pacasandra and will frequently use it as a combination toilet and resting place. Huh. I think that he needs a bath.

For dinner, we had a terrific idea from our neighbor on the other side, Cris. We LOVE BWW but know that they are just baaaaad. Cris shared that he buys naked wings and cooks them like this. Boil them (from frozen) for about twenty minutes. Remove from the water and bake at 325 degrees for another twenty minutes. After removing from the oven, toss with your sauce and serve. We LOVED them - they were terrific. Next time, we might put them back in the oven after tossing with sauce to bake it in a bit. It's a bit messy but much healthier than BWW and just as good. :)

To top off a wonderful day, the Red Wings won a squeaker and are up 2-0 over the Dallas Stars. Monday night, it's game 3 in Dallas. Let's go, Red Wings!!


Big Johnny said...

Go Penguins !!

Big Johnny said...

And, for the record, human beings should not see 6:40 am on a Saturday morning.

Lisa said...

How was the concert?