Thursday, May 29, 2008


I have been a slacker; busy, but a slacker none-the-less. Tuesday, the fabulous crew at HWC finished the work around the house. The front door looks great, the rebuilt wall is a fantastic and the windows give us safety, sound improvement and help in the pocketbook. I can't believe the difference that the new and improved windows have made in our lives.

Wednesday night, we had a busy night. We came home and immediately headed downtown to a private showing of the Warhol exhibit at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. I have to confess that I had not ever explored the art world here in Grand Rapids. I mean, for goodness sake, we were used to an entirely different world that included the Getty Museum. Well, I had a nice dose of humble pie touring the magnificent building and an incredible display for Warhol art AND the beauty of the stunning permanent collection. We were entertained and educated by two fabulous docents who knew their stuff. Of course, in pure Paul fashion, he did locate a slight error in a picture description (it was a sexton, not a chronometer - make a note please) so the docent promised to have it fixed.

The Red Wings played and an edge-on-your-seat game is NOT conducive blogging. While they didn't win, it was a good game but I still have some 'issues' with some of the ref calls. But I have to leave the lady by the river and look forward to the next game, Saturday night.

We are working through an adolescent streak in Mr. Samson. He is feeling his oats and is misbehaving a bit. We are back to the long leash, so when he decides to go visiting, he comes back. Ugh.

It's Friday and we are doing the Happy Dance! It's a busy weekend - more graduation parties, parties in general, more hockey and some painting. It's going to be a wet and rainy Friday but the weekend looks good. Enjoy!


Big Johnny said...

" it was a sexton, not a chronometer "


You can take the boy out of the Navy, but not the Navy out of the boy

And Warhol was a hack !

Lisa said...

How was the museum? It looks stunning.