Saturday, May 31, 2008


Comings and goings, hither and yon....It was a nice Saturday. Friday night, it poured the rain complete with thunder and lightening. It was glorious. Mr. Samson is quite oblivious to the sound and interruption of the sounds, unlike our Allie. She hated the sound of thunder. It rained into Saturday morning and I was concerned for our friends and their schedule parties, hoping that the rain would subside before noon. And it did. For a while, it was sticky in the morning, but the breeze came in from the south and it was deliciously cool breezy all afternoon. It is perfect weather.

Mr. Samson REALLY let us sleep in today, all the way to 7:40 am....and let me tell you, that is a TREAT. Of course, we had to let him out around 6:00 am but we told him to go back to bed and he obliged. It was heaven.

Around noon, we headed to a graduation party of a colleague. We took the cameras along to take pictures of the kids and parents, friends and food. It was a delightful party and we took 300+ pictures for the families to share. The weather could not have been more perfect.

For dinner, we headed to Grandville for a retirement bbq. I use the term 'retirement' tongue in check since my friend and colleague, Jennifer, is retiring, for a while anyway. I have had the joy and privilege of working with her for the past 7 + years and I will miss her. Every day. She got a degree in computer science when not a lot of women studied and worked in the field. And she brought amazing gifts and vision to her job, the college and our office. I sure will miss her. She and her husband had a bbq for dinner and we had a blast - eating, chatting, reminiscing and laughing. She is going to take some time and hang with her kids, write recipes for the Foodies Grand Rapids blog and chat with me on IM. :) Congratulations, Jennifer.

We have the Wings on and are hoping for a victory. Sunday is our day to get it together. Laundry, shopping, cleaning, cooking...certainly NOT our day of rest as we transition to another work week. Cheers.

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Lisa said...

You must still be recovering...4 days and no new posts. Go Wings!!