Saturday, June 28, 2008

And now for something COMPLETELY different

With some urging by friend and blogger Lisa, I am trying NOT to dwell on the toe. It's a tad bit difficult when I have a pin sticking out of it but ya know, it's sort of old news. But if I have to look at it every day, I will probably write about it or at the very least mention it in passing. There were two hilarious conversation exchanges with the doctor on Wednesday. Given my state of mind, and heart, I wasn't on my best banter behavior but two of our exchanges warrant eternal life blogger-style.

The first exchange centered around pain and pain management. He told me about another woman who had the very same surgery, very same pin (well a different pin, same kind though) and imagine this, had absolutely no pain and no problems. And I simply sat there thinking two things. 1. Where's the bitch? and 2. Why in the WORLD are you telling me this? My doctor is SUCH a nice man and perhaps thought that demonstrating that pain affects people differently might help my perspective. Instead, no, it made me feel inferior and like a LOSER. Thanks.

Exchange two centered around the Pin. This is actual content of the PIN conversation. (Paraphrasing for brevity). As your foot heals, the Pin may become loose and will move around. (Holy cow, are you KIDDING ME? Not only do I have a Pin but now will have manage its whereabouts? ) Some people have it fall out in the middle of the night, so be careful. (You didn't really just say this and no, this won't happen to me. This sucker will stay in securely to the bitter end. Trust me). But the best comment that still has me ROTFLMAO was this. Make sure that you don't catch the Pin on anything.... Eight years of medical school and I get -don't catch the Pin? No kidding. NO KIDDING. Now I know that he HAS to provide counsel on topics like this. But for real I am bright enough to know that I NEVER want to catch that damn Pin on ANYTHING. EVER. Unless it is being pulled out the toe.

My sweetness Mr. Handsome, will not leave my side. Wherever I hobble, limp and sit, there he is. He will be sound asleep and even when I start to move, he is awake, ready to accompany me to my next location. So I worked quite a bit on Friday, with my foot elevated on a table and lots of ice and didn't move around. He had a few minutes to catch up on his sleep. And there is nothing in my mind more beautiful than one tired dog enjoying a good stretch.

Truly enjoy the weekend. Even with the Pin, life is good.

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Lisa said...

Well, if you must dwell, I think it's just more productive to do it in a long, leisurely way with, say, a pint of Ben & Jerry's Karmal Sutra, or...if you're off your meds, a really nice, luscious Pinot. That would be a bottle, not a glass.

Here's to someone...anyone, turning off the blow torch on your toes. Oh, and not catching it on anything. Not even a dust bunny.