Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Under the knife

Well, it's D-Day and later this morning, we will head over to the dear doctor's surgical center and have my toe fixed. Well, fixed is the long term strategy, short term is the icky-pin-in -the -toe -until-it heals strategy. I slept incredibly well despite the impending evolution and the worst part of the morning, at least for now, is that I can't have any coffee. This is NOT the way to start the morning. And curiously, normally I don't wake up hungry, even coffee is enough to start the day but this morning, I woke up famished - as Paul says, ready to gnaw off my arm. Not the way that I intended to spend the day but oh well.

One note, our grass is looking very nice! Paul cut it last night and I can't believe how lush and green it looks. He has done a magnificent job getting it to come around - battling the winters is not easy and everything is filling in beautifully. Certainly adds to the quality of life around here. :)

I have spent some time exploring my new XPS laptop with Vista. It came on Monday and with the refrigerator debacle, I didn't have much time to play. The machine has a ton of RAM and big hard drive, blue tooth and a fingerprint scanner. And that is just skimming the surface. The next couple of days, I will have plenty of time to explore the machine and Vista. I was talking to my VP, Henry last night and was telling him that I so far relatively happy with the OS - stable so far, easy to navigate, intuitive, visually appealing (like a Mac) and overall pretty darn ok. I think that I waited long enough for the incompatibilities (with drivers, etc) to be worked out. I am looking forward to getting to know this machine.

So shortly, we will be off. Since I will be in a drug-induced coma, don't quite know when I will post again. Enjoy the gorgeous day!

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Lisa said...

You're probably deep into a drug induced sleep at the moment, but we at The Hacienda are rooting for a speedy (aka - no toe stubbing) recovery for you and your right great toe. I'd send you an ice pack, but it'd melt before we got to the post office.

Hang in there.