Monday, June 16, 2008

Just to be clear

It happened again. From another medical professional.

Today I had the opportunity to speak with the scheduling nurse, getting the last of the details ready for Wednesday's trip to fix my toe. I went through the myriad of questions in preparation for the surgery. Her last question to me was, "Do you have any concerns about the surgery." For a moment, I couldn't speak. Was she KIDDING? Concerns? My response was, "You're damn straight I have some concerns. You are sticking a pin in my toe that is going to stick out at the end. I can't walk much for six weeks. I can't drive. I can't run my dog. I can't do stairs. I can't do much of anything. Hell yeah, I have some concerns...." There was a polite pause (apparently I missed the social IQ component of this question - she really didn't want to know if I had concerns) and her response was priceless. "It isn't so bad." Aaaaccck. I asked her what I have asked every other medical professional who has deemed it necessary to bequeath me with such wisdom. I said, "So tell me your experience with walking around with a pin in your toe, sticking out the end. " Well, of course she had no DIRECT experience but all patients had TOLD her that it wasn't so bad. I explained that after MY experience, I would be happy to share if indeed their truth was my truth too.

And if it isn't SO BAD, why do they have to give me Vicodin?

There is no one at my work who thinks that it will be fine. And these are people I trust. I think it will be lousy. Inconvenient. Annoying. Unattractive. And yes, Painful. But I have good drugs to cover up the pain.

To top off a perfectly wonderful day, our refrigerator died. Stupid thing couldn't last six more weeks. That is the very last time that I will buy an Amana anything. So we bought a cute little replacement that when the kitchen finally gets done, we will have a fabulous spare. Brummels is delivering it to us tomorrow. And for a palty $10, will cart away the old one. What a deal.

So tomorrow will be my final dinner before surgery. Surely I will post pictures of the new fridge. Good night from Grand Rapids.

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