Saturday, June 14, 2008

The verdict is in

There was a bizarre bug going around our office and I got it yesterday, tried to work, gave up and came home to sleep. And sleep. And sleep. I slept all afternoon, got up for dinner and went back to bed. Slept through this morning and feel a whole lot better. While I didn't appear to have a fever, I was burning up all night and it finally seem to quit this morning. I have kept it low-keyed today, just not wanting to relapse. Really strange.

We ran out to HWC Homeworks to finish up the tile and cabinetry selections. We picked a very simple cabinetry, cherry wood with a rattan finish. The wood type will darken over time, as seen in the picture. When installed, it will look quite a bit lighter. It is great color. The cabinets in the picture are not the type we selected - it was the only type that could show the color of the wood. Our selection is much simplier - plain, Shaker-like. I will try and find some pictures. We also splurged and will have a few built-ins - step stool and a mechanism on each cabinet to gently close cabinets and drawers.

The floor tile is the lower, right hand brown and we picked a complimentary grout. The grout is treated to not change color over time, nor absorb spills, dirt, etc. And knowing me, I will probably spill. Something anyway. The square tile in the middle is quartz countertop, it is a gorgeous combination of brown, black, caramel and flecks of white. It looks fantastic. The backsplash will be the large, light brown tile underneath the quartz, with accents of the small tiles separating the tiles.

We were able to come to consensus on the plumbing fixtures (it's wonderful) and all that is left is lighting and hardware for the cabinets. Lighting isn't a pressing decision since we buy that ourselves and our electrician will install it. The hardware is weeks off so we can be picky in our selection. Things have to be ordered, made, scheduled, started. The tear out is going to be loud and messy. But with the end in mind, it will be terrific. It was a nice escape from the PIN.

It is a gorgeous day. No humidity, wonderful breeze, lots of sunshine and no rain. At least for today. Paul is grilling chicken this evening, with some couscous and a chopped salad. Well, enjoy your Saturday!


Lisa said...

Lucious. Earthy. Sensual. Warm. Delicious. I love it.


Scott Jenkins said...
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