Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Friday Happy Dance on Thursday

Why you ask? Because I have Friday off, so Thursday is the *new* Friday, at least this week. ;)

We had an eventful week, including a visit to our dear friends (and vet) Rick Scholfield and Jen, our favorite vet assistant (which I sure isn't her proper title). I try to always visit when it's Jen (and Rick of course). Well, Mr. Handsome has put on a few well deserved pounds and it's our job to cut back the treats. Part of it has been my lack of mobility, and even with our best doggy daycare provider, Catie, we couldn't get all the exercise in that a two year old GSD needs. I am looking forward to getting back to my routine with Paul and Samson. Morning and Night.

I read some blogs pretty regularly, it's how I stay up on the happening world. Currently, if you don't Twitter, you are missing it big time. Twitter people - get those Tweets out there. To see the cool stuff happening, visit Twitter. You can twitter from your phone, crackberry, web and a host of Twitter add-ons. You get 140 words to tell friends what's going on. Brings one a whole new level of conciseness and brevity. You can see my Tweets below.

I also follow the Gmail Blog. Gmail is possibly the best product that Google has EVER launched, even if it IS still in Beta... Google is fabulous but Gmail runs my world. Gmail bloggers recently posted on their top 10 most read tips here. Read it and you will understand what makes Gmail the bomb. And if you don't have a Gmail account, GET ONE. Now.

(weather nerd alert)
And of course, we weather nerds visit the NOAA site. I visit it daily. I love everything about it - a weather nerd's paradise. Oh, and my precipitation collector came! This weekend, I have the assistance of dear Paul to help me put it up. Without mobility, that has been a project unattended and I need to get going on it!

My foot is continuing to heal. I will say that my foot-modeling career is over (before it started). My poor little toe is not very attractive with the big scar and flattened appearance. But I can walk with a little limp and my joints are starting to loosen. I still ice at night and I can easily tell when I have been on my feet too much. So I sit down. ;)

Well, that's all the news fit to print. Enjoy the evening!

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Big Johnny said...

Get His Handsomeness on a friend's white GSD loves it !!

Pretty soon, he'll be Fatty Boy instead of Handsome Boy.