Friday, August 01, 2008

How to relax ... and looking for guidance

I don't really know how to relax. I took a vacation day today. Paul is in Chicago for a friend's Change of Command ceremony and I am at home, enjoying the quiet and solitude of a summer day. Mr. Handsome is a little confused but adapted to the change in our routine by promptly putting himself to bed for a nap.

I promised myself a couple of things. I promised myself that I wouldn't check email. I am constantly harping on the reasons for vacation - to refresh and rejuvenate, to energize your heart and soul with a good balance of what our fine lives have to offer. So I need to listen to my own words, even if just for a day!

I also promised myself that I would not do one productive thing. I regret to say that I was not as successful with the second promise. In fact, I have done many productive things this AM. I cleaned my bathroom and polished my sink. I cleaned all my beach glass and its respective containers. I cleaned up the kitchen and did all the pots and pans. I swept up the dog hair from our GSD, which stands for Generally Shedding Dog, NOT German shepherd dog. How he is not naked, I haven't a clue. I packaged up my crummy Dell computer to return to its original owner (Dell - pluth) and the nice DHL man took it away. I talked to two BFFs (Linda Z and Lynn) and did some blogging. That's pretty darn productive.

Now I need a nap.

Paul isn't returning until later this evening so I have the entire day to chillax. I started subscribing to a really cool magazine (and other than the HBR) I am not really a fan of anything in print. But I LOVE Real Simple. I read the thing cover to cover. And I read it AGAIN. It has great thoughts, ideas, recipes, links, info and just plain cool stuff to simplify life. Paul and I try and be thoughtful about resources, stewards with our stuff. We carpool, I take my lunch and drinks with a goal to never throw anything out, recycle everything, take our own shopping bags, replaced all our windows to save energy - so this little magazine is right up my alley. Of course, when I am done with it, I will recycle and share it with everyone. [And I am reading Children of God. What a great book, and sequel to perhaps the best book that I have read to date, The Sparrow.]

The best part is that it has AWESOME recipes. Wow. East of the Equator Cafe is coming back full force, baby. :) Of course, the Cafe will be rocking when the kitchen renovation starts. We have to figure out how to cook, clean and most importantly, make coffee without a kitchen. Oh, and minimize our trash. We have a good plan ..but you know that people plan and God laughs. So this should be entertaining, to say the least. I am excited out the kitchen renovation and a tad bit concerned. I don't like entropy and chaos and I know it's coming.

It's quiet here in EGR. Enjoy your Friday.

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Big Johnny said...

" I packaged up my crummy Dell computer to return to its original owner (Dell - pluth)"

A good carpenter doesn't blame his tools.....