Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And what a difference a year makes!

Permit me, please for just a moment, to relive August, 2007. This time, last year, we had started the week of our collective lives. I had arrived in Chicago and the plans were set for Paul's retirement from the Navy. The Change of Command script, people and places were set, wonderful friends were finalizing travel and lodging plans and Allie and I had the week to enjoy the beach. Ahhhh, we loved that beach.

The picture to the left was the sunrise over Lake Michigan the morning after we arrived. It was a picture perfect moment. And Allie, all she ever wanted to do was chase the frisbee in the sand. How could we not oblige?

I wasn't blogging much this time last year. While they tear up the kitchen, it churns up wonderful and delicious memories and I will share them over the next couple of days. Enjoy your day!

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