Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hump Day

Today was Mr. Handsome's first day at Doggy Day Care. He has not left our home and side since bringing him home. Paul spent the first couple of months with him, full time and since returning to work, Catie now cares for him during the day. With the construction, it is simply not possible to leave him home alone. He desperately wants to help Jim in the kitchen. And while Jim would be grateful for free help, Samson is without opposable digits and cannot offer must assistance. And crating him with people in the house is not an option.

So...we took him to Whiskers. That would be the 'royal' we, Paul actually dropped him off. Without a hesitation, Samson trotted off with the handler. Throughout the day, I wondered how Samson was doing - having fun? Missing us? Paul brought him home and had to help him out of the LR. He was SO TIRED. He had a little report card from his handler saying that he played ALL DAY. And since he has been home, he can't lift up his head. His is crashed! (This is going to work out very, very well!)

Thursday and Friday, Mr. Handsome will spend his days at Whiskers while the renovation continues. Today, Jim put down the floor, prepping for the time and cabinets. It was one of those days when walking in, I wondered what they did - put a couple of boards on the floor?? But I have been through this before and know better than to ask such a stupid question. ;) So HWC Homeworks continues to work, Samson will continue to play and I am back at work. That's all from EGR.

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