Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Time in a bottle

Things are moving along swimmingly in the kitchen, as the pictures below indicate. It is transforming before our eyes. We are excited - we want them to hurry it up already but at the same time are grateful for the patience and deliberateness of Jim's exceptional work. The cabinets are awesome. He may get the microwave/convection oven in before the long weekend. That would allow us to - GASP - cook some this in the kitchen. Woo hoo!

We do have a couple extra cool features - a step stool tucked under one of the kickboards; a cutting board that pulls out for extra stove cooking space; a couple of long, slender cabinets for cookie sheets and a drawer for our trashcan.

We also have a couple of secret, sealed spaces, perfect for a time capsule. So we are going to do it! We have some ideas of what to put in it - pictures - of us, Deb (who is as much a part of this as we are) and our friends at HWC, biographies, a timeline for the remodel and things to be determined! So I ask you friends, what else should be put in our time capsule?

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Lisa said...

Maybe...The Pin? Just a thought. :-)