Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wild and wacky week

And it's hump day.

It's been a wild and wacky couple of days! Sunday afternoon, Paul worked his fingers to the bone applying clear coat to all the trim. I cannot believe how much work and effort went into all the trim for just the kitchen. It was CRAZY! But the wood is beautiful, the stain is perfect and I can't for for some of the smaller, finishing touches to start appearing.

I took off on Sunday afternoon. Our friend's (Dorothy) daughter Denise (and she is our friend too) is getting married, and I offered to take the engagement pictures. Denise and Michael are two of the most wonderful people. We took the pictures on Lake Macatawa on perhaps the most beautiful day of the summer, maybe the entire year. I have 500 pictures to edit for the two of them. They were joking about how there aren't too many pictures of just them - after Sunday there are! Could they be ANY cuter? I don't think so. So if I am MIA for a while, I am editing pictures. I have a lot of pictures to crop, edit, adjust lighting, size, etc. Just so you know.

Monday night, Paul and Deb painted the kitchen. Some of the floor cabinets are in and they wanted to paint the walls before the wall cabinets were installed. We all (Deb gets input since she is as close to family as they come) had input on the color and picked a beautiful golden wheat - almost buttery color. Not too light, some golden/yellow tones and against the cabinets, black/caramel quartz counter tops, will look stunning. Just stunning.

Last night, we had our Fantasy Football Draft. This is all new to me - drafting players. I preferr the straight team wins. I usually do pretty well with it. This is all for bragging rights, no $$ exchanging hands here. ;)

Handsome Boy (Hotel Bravo as Paul now calls him) is at Whiskers again today. Last night, he came home, ate dinner and fell sound asleep. I even tried to give him a snitch from the table, a little celery with blue cheese and he never even woke up. I LOVE to see a dog that tired. Means he had a good play day and burned up all that puppy energy. Ahhh....I suspect that he will sleep all weekend.

Today, I am meeting with the HWC folks. We have some cabinet/lighting confusion and we need to sort out what is supposed to go where. The good news is right now we have a sink, albeit temporary) in the kitchen and don't have to do the dishes in the deep sink. That was a little too rural for me. (A special shoutout and thanks to our good neighbors for letting us use their dishwasher).

The weather has been sunny, cool, breezy and no humidity. It couldn't get any more perfect. Enjoy this most glorious day!


Sincerely Abi said...

The picture of Denise and Michael is wonderful!

Lisa said...

Every day is one day closer to blueberry cobbler!!


Deirdre Honner said...

You know it sista!

Jennifer said...

looking good...what kind of wood are your cabinets