Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Stay-cation - Election Day

Today is the big day. Get out and vote!

We may have record-breaking temperatures today (70s) and a perfect day for a good walk. Since the lines are supposed to be long, I am going to hold off going to the polls until later this AM. We have a relatively small polling area so about 10:00 am, I am going pop on my iPod, put on my tennies and walk up to my polling place - Wealthy School on Wealthy. I am hoping not to have to wait the 4-6 hours that some areas are suggesting. After I vote, I am going to walk over to Starbucks and get my free cup of joe. Then saunter home.

I have to hand it too Google. If you want to know your polling place, all you have to do is type in your address, and Google will show you your polling location, complete with pictures - here. And, check out Google's doodle for the election. Are they not clever?

Mr. Handsome is mightily confused about my presence at home. He follows me around as good herding dogs should but is positively exhausted. I know that he wants me to go back to work so he can catch up on his sleep. But no such luck, dude. I am here for the week! Enjoy the day.


Big Johnny said...

I need a stay-cation :^(

Lisa said...

I didn't get my free coffee. Frankly, I could have used it BEFORE I voted - what with trying to make all the right choices with a child hanging on my leg saying she just wanted to go home! Bah!