Friday, December 26, 2008

The day after

We had a remarkable Christmas. Christmas Eve was a joyful experience with our friends Bud and Barbara. Barbara made us dinner and we had a lovely tenderloin, mashed potatoes, lightly whipped horseradish sauce and creamed spinach (I LOVE creamed spinach - weird I know).

Barbara is Jewish and shared with us the Hanukkah traditions of lighting the Menorah. We read the prayers for the fourth night of Hanukkah and then had a lovely meal. Bud had us rolling on the floor with tales of his Christmases growing up. It was the perfect way to spend our evening.

Christmas morning, we were up early. Bud and Barbara were heading to Chicago to see Barbara's daughter Karen. They were going to take a cab to the train station but with such awful weather - snow, sleet, rain and ice, we insisted on driving them in our tank. Besides, Samson gets us up at a painfully early time anyway, so we were up! The rest of the morning was in automatic - services, a fire in the fireplace, (I kid you not) Star Trek marathon on the SciFi channel and some pretty neat gifts. Paul and I are pretty low keyed about gifts. I like gift cards so I can shop for what I really need after the holiday, when all the sales are on. ;) Paul got a couple of new sweaters and a fleece.

We also went visiting in the afternoon. Called on some friends, delivered gifts and had some fun. For dinner, Paul made another delicious brined turkey. Truly, there is no other way to make a turkey. Full report on the cafe.

It was an okay day for Samson. With the rain that fell on the snow, a layer of ice has formed, making it all but impossible to run through the snow. When he tries to run, he ends up bounding like a springbok. It's hilarious but he looks annoyed. ;) And it is NO FUN for us trying to stomp through the ice-covered snow.

Today is a busy day. I have a couple of items to buy - need a second battery for my Nikon. Also have a couple Bed, Bath & Beyond gift cards burning a hole in my pocket. We have a wedding Saturday night for which I am the photographer and I need to get my stuff in order. We have a busy weekend - wedding, dinner with friends and a ton of errands as we get ready to celebrate New Years Eve! Enjoy the day.


Big Johnny said...

Mozel Tov

Jewels said...

Sounds like a lovely Christmas! I was going to tell you on FB that I hope you have extra batteries... :) I was at Norman camera last night & today getting a new camera backpack (w/ the giftcard that was burning a hole in my pocket) - maybe I could have run into you...

Lisa said...


Could you find someone to fix the flash on my new Nikon pronto? While we're in Michigan? Oh, and could it only take like 15 minutes? :-)

Waiting for more snow.


Deirdre Honner said...

Johnny you big goof, you could come here and spend it with us. :)

Julia, we have to meet - it's hilarious that I only know you on FB. :D

Lisa, we are praying for snow - praying, really.

I really do love the time off.

Anonymous said...
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