Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friday Happy Dance

Here we are people. It's Friday. Amen.

It was a day of coifs. I have a wonderful new cut (and color but sshhhh, don't tell anyone) and Mr. Handsome enjoyed his first coif of the year. I cannot believe how much a good grooming help keeps down the dog hair in the house. It really is amazing. He is nothing short of exhausted, having a day of puppy day care, a coif and a full belly. He is sound asleep at the end of the sofa.

While I sat in my chair, waiting for the permanent color to afix itself to my hair, I listed to Wayne Dyer's book on Balance. In one chapter, he discussed the how there really is no stress and gave this example - take this bucket and return with a bucket of stress. And we can't. So what is stress? And do we really have it?

So ponder that this weekend. We have friends Friday and Saturday night, a photography class on Saturday and a SuperBowl on Sunday! Wow what a weekend. Enjoy!


Jewels said...

I love that - it's Friday. Amen. But now it's Sunday! Double Amen :)

How was the photog. class? Where did you take it?

Deirdre Honner said...

I took the class at Norman Camera. It was fantastic. Two hours of shooting in manual. It was amazing!

Jewels said...

I LOVE that store! I never quite got into the advantages of RAW just because it seems like just so much more rigamarole :) I should experiment with it again sometime.