Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Techie Tuesday - it's Tuesday somewhere in the universe, right?

Argh, it has been a rough and tumble couple of days. People are in need and I have been helping in various ways. My calendar seems to fill up so much!

I went shopping for a birthday present and looked at the Storm, the iTouch and thought about the iPhone. None of them were 'it.' So I came home empty handed and will have to ponder what's next. Perhaps, I am really in need of some more memory for the camera. :)

I do need to remind you that Gmail now has the Task feature. Be sure to enable it by going to the Settings feature, then into Labs. Google is always slick about these things, rolling out updates and coolness periodically. So keep checking. You know that sharing tasks is on its way.

Ever get tired of using IE? I won't use Internet Explorer except when required for updates. I love to try new browsers out - check out Google's Chrome, Opera, and Avant. If you have a Mac, Opera works on it, as well as Camino.

Into photography? This website is the BEST site that I have seen - called Digital Photography School. Log in and learn. It is FANTASTIC!

So that's all for techie Tuesday on Wednesday! Until next week, don't run with scissors!

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Jewels said...

LOL. We have IE6 at work, it's such a drag when I work on the website & newsletter. So I'm just in the IE habit here too. I need to break out.

So I'm feeling a little stuck this January and could use some new photography juices. It's just so white and gray and cold around here and I've photoed the cat to death :)