Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Saturday to you all!

It was an incredible and wonderful week. Our JobAngels story hit the Wall Street Journal first; then the live broadcast hit CNN and Mark Stelzner did an incredible job. I am pretty busy with this 'second' job right now so the posts are a little sporadic.

Today, I am heading out to Meijer Garden for a photography class. I am looking forward to it though I wish it were just a tad warmer. Paul may or may not -depending on the weather - head out to do more hot-dirty-man-work with his friend Mike. I like that sweat equity. He likes the chain saw.

Tonight our friend Deb is coming to dinner. Paul is going to make one of his signature meals Filets in Cabernet and Capers sauce. It's simply heavenly. Tomorrow Ann Marie is going to chillax chez nous, do some homework and cook an amazing lamb dish. Anything that Paul and AM make is simply magnifique.

So that's all there is for today. I will be certain to post some of the wonderful pictures I take at the Garden! Enjoy your weekend.

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Jewels said...

I'm looking forward to seeing some of the photos from your class and hearing about it!