Monday, March 30, 2009

Techie Tuesday

Greetings friends!
It was a busy weekend with a photography class at Meijer Gardens. It's wonderful becoming members of Meijers. It's just a such a stunning place and it was terrific to just walk the grounds. The class was ok but even nicer was hanging out with other photographers. I learned through osmosis.
My pocket camera, Nikon P5100 came back from repair. It's all fixed and ready to get out and take pictures. I have a date, TBD, with my friend and photographer in crime, Julia, to get out and take some great pictures. And she has a NEW camera. :)
Other techie news.
Here comes Google Voice. Want to know more? Click here.
There is a nasty virus out there. You will want to know about this one. Click here. It's a wicked one.
When I lived in California, I lived through and tracked earthquakes carefully. I LOVED this site to track earthquakes. Check it out and find earthquakes that you didn't know existed.

Thanks for stopping by! Make it a good week. Until next time, don't play with matches!


Lisa said...

What was the matter with your P5100? Mine is going to Nikon this week. :-( I talked to the owner of Phoenix Camera Repair and he has a used D40x for sale: $325. Seems high, don't you think?


Deirdre Honner said...

Way high. CraigsList has better cameras for less.

Jewels said...

Oh yes! I'm looking forward to getting out and storming the town with you! We'll find some good shots, I'm sure.

Did John tell you what happened to his goldfish in the earthquake when he was little?

Lisa said...

I want to go with you guys! Boo hoo. :-(

Deirdre Honner said...

Lisa, my sensor quite working on the P5100. Fortunately it was covered under warranty. And you KNOW that you can come picture taking with us ANYTIME.

Julia, what happened to the gold fish? It doesn't sound good. :(

Jewels said...

Well, it died. But that was the worse thing John experienced with earthquakes growing up in Calif. so I guess it's not too bad.