Thursday, April 02, 2009

Gotcha day

My friend and colleague, Lies helped us in so many ways when we adopted Samson. Her resources are the primary reason that we have Samson, that he is home with us and that we love him. And we think he adores (for what kind of adoration a dog has) us. Well, he sure loves his yard, his best pet sitter ever, Catie, our good friends at Whiskers and our vet, Dr Scholfield and vet tech, Jenn. :)

One of the best resources Lies sent our way was a German shepherd dog website. When exploring the website, there is a discussion thread for people who have adopted dogs. Since no one typically has a sense of birth dates, they celebrate 'Gotcha Day' - the day each brought their dog home. I love this thought, this notion, this idea. Every day that I walk through the door, Samson greets me with the same exuberance, joy and delight as the previous day. Every day for him, and for me, it's another Gotcha Day.

I need to learn from His Handsomeness. I need to be equally exuberant, joyful and energetic when I greet people. He loves me despite my shortcomings. I need to do the same. Stop by and meet Mr. Handsome if you haven't. 100 lbs of fur and love.

Happy Friday.

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Lisa said...

They are wise beyond words when it comes to love, aren't they? What a handsome boy!