Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ten NON High Tech things I love

To keep the tradition of Techie Tuesdays alive and thriving, I promise to try and be better at writing midweek. Plus Big Johnny said that he would get a Macbook Pro computer and internet access at home. Ha. Nothing like calling you out there, Johnny.

With all the technology I have and love, here are Ten Things I love to do that do not involve my technology. (Hard to believe that I can write this but let's overlook the fact that I have to use one of my seven or eight computers, one of my several operating systems, blogger, Google apps, cable modem, wireless network and the intricate weave of the web to bring this to you).

Ten Things
1. Playing with His Handsomeness. This is top of the list.
2. Taking pictures. (Not the DSLR part -rather the going out and finding the amazing pictures TO take).
3. Cooking with Paul. This sort of dangles on the edge since usually I am surfing on my Mac while he cooks. But sometimes I do actually have to help. Like cut up lettuce. Or load the dishwasher.
4. Reading.
5. Shopping at Art of the Table. We love it there. (quickie tech note - follow them on Twitter @artofthetable)
6. Painting my nails.
7. Ironing. Go ahead, mock me. But NO ONE can iron a shirt or pleated skirt like I can.
8. Drinking coffee. Drinking wine. Different times of the day though. Really.
9. Taking a nap.
10. Walking on the lake.

Makes me happy just thinking about these things. Until next week, remember to floss!


Big Johnny said...

Big Johnny would NEVER buy a Mac !! :^p

EVER !!!!

Big Johnny said...

If you GAVE me a Mac...I'd give it back !!!!! :^p

Lisa said...

It's too bad, on this fine day, you will not also be loving a fork tender Corned Beef with a side of cabbage. :-)


Henry said...

Lisa, it is too bad. But I'm sure the Commander will provide her with something wonderful for dinner instead.

Paul's Blog said...

Indeed, Henry. There will be no corned beef or other such peasant food served at the East of the Equator Cafe tonight. We will be enjoying Pork Chops with Rosemary Garlic and Wine Sauce.