Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

I was already to write a lovely post wrapping up the weekend. Then I made the mistake of reading the NY Times article on the bonuses that AIG is paying its "top talent." As an HR person, I would like to hear their definition of 'talent.' Trust me, as a lay person who owned AIG stock, there is nothing 'top' about them. I personally would rather see them in Chapter 11 than paying these outrageous bonuses. My money is gone. Why should I as a taxpayer continue to pay these thieves? I want a public listing of the people (and their addresses) who are receiving these monies.

Want to kill your mood? Read about the $170 million that will be paid out to AIG.

A funny component to this story is that after almost 900 comments - mostly of outrage and indignation, the NY Times closed down the comments section. I don't know why they would stop - did they not think at some point backlash would kick and people would be SICK AND TIRED of paying for those very people who had a huge hand in this downturn? Or maybe they just ran out of server space. ;) But read the comments. They are totally worth it.

I did take some wonderful pictures this weekend of the Handsome One chasing his foxtrot deltas. I took some beautiful pictures of the moon. And I took some awesome pictures of the two hawks hunting this morning in our backyard. I will post them later. I am not going to taint beauty with the filth of AIG. Look for them later.


Jewels said...

Deirdre - Just lol. I'm all for untainted beauty.

Big Johnny said...

I was gonna write a diatribe about bonuses...but why bother...nice work if you can get it I guess...

That is one extraordinarily handsome dog !!