Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend Wrap up and a little anxiety

Whoooosh. That was the sound of the weekend screaming past us. Whew, I feel like I blinked and it's gone. Friday night was a pretty calm weekend, prepping for Saturday. Paul picked up the lawnmower, under repair at Four Seasons. The self-propel mechanism stopped working and if you have seen our hilly backyard, there is NO mowing without propel help. I ran a ton of errands, Paul did some IT work, Samson had a lot of playtime outdoors.

For the game, one of Paul's colleagues came over, accompanied by his 7 year old daughter Maggie. I got to learn all about icarly, something-kins and While surprisingly none of this much appealed to me, it was amazing how nimble and quick Maggie was surfing around the sites. She was also a fan of my dual screens and wanted to know exactly (and I do mean exactly) how I set it up. Try explaining hardware upgrades to a seven year old.

Some more changes are coming our way. Next week, we completely rip out our closets, prepping for friends and business partners to disassemble, patch, paint and prep for the installation of our new closets. If you want to test your memory, short AND long term, try living without closets. And try remembering where the heck things are. This is going to be a tough (and anxious) couple of weeks.

Mr. Handsome is not a fan of the upheaval. He followed Paul around for much of the demo today. Paul has a great start on the project that included power tools and a lot of banging. Samson put himself to bed for a good part of it.

I have also started moving my pictures to my new website. I hope to post my favorites of the week online at Deirdre Honner Photography. Along with Google and Flikr, I have enough pictures of the backyard and Mr. Handsome for the world to enjoy. My next great photography adventure will be with my friend Julia. We have a photo-date set for the end of June. Should be fun!

The Red Wings are off to a great start against the Pittsburgh Penguins. I don't have the stomach for playoffs but here it is. The Red Wings need to keep on the pressure and make sure their defense are stationed to help Osgood. Game two starts at 8pm. Go Wings!


Jewels said...

Yes! I love adventure!

I hope Samson is ok this week with the upheaval. He'll love it when it's done :)

Lisa said...

I pray for a photo buddy. Seriously. Can't wait to see the pictures. And good luck with the closets. It's hard enough to find things when they're all in one piece. :-)