Sunday, June 07, 2009

Things I desire, things that inspire

Out and about this week, I overheard three virtually identical statements by completely different people.

I still am waiting to hear if I have a job. Woman talking to the cashier.
There is nothing for me here. I will probably have to move out of state. Woman talking to store manager.
The ads in the paper get thinner and thinner. Oh well, what can I do? Woman talking to pharmacist.

I deeply desire for this state to rebound, regroup and rebuild. It's a fabulous state with terrific natural beauty, gorgeous beaches and water and miles of open roads winding through big and small towns. We have mountainous obstacles - fading industries tied to auto manufacturers, a wretched business tax and an educational system that is struggling. But we cannot rebound by continuously taxing those who work and invest. Increased taxation is not a long term solution to this economic problem and I fear that our leadership - both state and federal - believes that it is. I have talked to several business owners who shudder at the increasing taxes and employee benefit requirements, strong incentives to stop businesses from growing and investing. We are heading in the wrong direction. Sometimes, it can simply feel overwhelming.

But I am also inspired.

Paul and I took a Sunday afternoon to walk Meijer Gardens. It's a beautiful gift to the community and for a paltry membership amount, we can wander inside and out, snapping beautiful pictures, watching children run and play and folks just strolling around. It's fabulous.

I am inspired by people both at work and in the community who look for ways to generously give - time, money, resources. People who aren't bothered by the evening news, the naysayers, the prognosticators. People who go out and make things happen.

And I am inspired by my beloved Red Wings. This team has fought back constantly - throughout the playoffs. They were down and rebounded, again and again. If they can do it, I know we can.

This week starts the final week before the Wedding of the Century. I am mostly inspired by a family of great love and wonder and how much fun, work and effort it takes to pull a wedding off. I simply can't wait to be there - to hang out, to take pictures, to see great people and mostly to see the bride and groom. It will be nothing short of wonderous!

So share with me all, what's your inspiration?


Jennifer said...

Nicely said. It is so easy to get down and out. I had two or three conversations this week about politics and "universal health care" they always tick me off and bring me down, but you are right. We live in a beautiful state (esp when the sun is out), we have many freedoms in this country and I am surrounded by people I love. Life is good.

Jewels said...

I am inspired by beauty every day (thanks for the pictures).