Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom

Hooray for down time. This time off in between Christmas and New Year's reminds me of how valuable, how delightful and how energizing a good vacation can be. We have had the perfect mix of fun - Meijer Gardens, family, friends, and a little travel; and quiet - fires in the fireplace, delicious dinners and lots of reading.
Monday and Tuesday, we took a quick trip to Detroit to see family. The highlight of our trip was seeing our cousin Mary and her wonderful kids. They have a delightful French bulldog, Franco who is a bundle of energy. We hung out, caught up and had a great meal at Steak and Shake. Her children are all budding photographers too.
We are also finalizing New Year's Eve plans. Looks like it might include a tenderloin deluxe, some shrimp and a good hockey game. Nothing too crazy, we stay off the roads. It promises to be wet - probably snow and no reason to fight with the amateurs.

If all things go right and go well, closing will be 01-11-10. Here's hoping.

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Lisa said...

Heaven, you're in heaven!