Thursday, February 18, 2010

A well adjusted dog

Samson is dog of the month at Whisker's Pet Resort. This is no small feat since the resort has hundreds of wonderful four-legged guests who are equally deserving.

But Samson is the dude and he is basking in fame and glory. Just to be reminded of how popular he is and how much he loves it there, I have to share my pick up story from Wednesday. I arrived at 5:20 or so to pick up His Handsomeness. Rebecca went to collect him and I could hear him barking down the hall - he has a very distinctive bark. :) I through out my arms as he is barking and galloping at me. And then he keeps running. Right past me and to the back of the welcome desk, and keeps going to the office door. He has to stop at the doggie gate and behind the doggie gate is his BFF and new love, Cheyenne. She squeaks. He whines. And I feel like chopped liver. Imagine his disappointment when I take him home. :) 

 Not bad for a scared shelter dog of a few years ago.  <3

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