Sunday, April 18, 2010


Such a wonderful weekend.  We have been full force cleaning up the backyard.  This has been one of the the warmest and earliest spring that I can remember since moving back.  With no bugs, cool temps and clear skies, Paul and I have taken full advantage of cleaning out 26 bags and 3-36 gallon containers of old leaves, sticks and general mung.  To the passerby, it may not look like anything different but to us, it's the world.

I had the joy of shooting some pictures for the Calvin College softball team last week.  Had a blast and sat in both the Calvin and the KZoo dugouts to get good pictures of the players, coaches and fans.  I felt like a rock star wandering around, taking happy snaps.  What a blast!  If I am lucky, I get to do it again.  :)
The coach

The team

The dugout

There has been much work East of the Equator.  The windows are in, the electric and plumbing has been upgraded and carpet goes in on Wednesday.  To say that we are excited would be the understatement of the year.  Look for updates, info, calendars and pictures - coming soon to a blog near you.  

Upside down

Mr. Samson, the Canine Good Citizen has been romping, rolling and having the time of his life.  We have had him groomed and brush him constantly with the Furminator.  And the fur just keeps coming.  How he isn't naked is beyond me.  German Shedding Dog, he is.

We have a couple of great weekends coming up with cool happenings and excellent travels.  Full reports including pictures are a guarantee.  

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Jewels said...

haha, yeah Rockstar is a good name for that feeling :) Great pix!