Sunday, April 11, 2010

A week in the life

Our yard has in need of some cleanup.  So Saturday morning, we were motivated and started cleaning up the back of our yard.  19 bags and 3-30 gallon trash cans later, we are halfway done.  Let it be a lesson to us to not think that oak leaves will decompose over the winter.  Noted and recorded.
With sore arms and backs, we still ventured out to see our friends and their newborn, Anna Violet.  Four days old and already gorgeous.  I took my camera and took pictures of Anna and their five year old, Lily.  We had such a nice time visiting them.  I look forward to taking more pictures of the girls.

The highlight of our week was Wednesday night.  We have been in training with Samson out at Pawsitive Canine Training Center.  Wednesday night was our Canine Good Citizen test.  And he passed.  We passed.  And now Samson is a Canine Good Citizen.  He is officially the Handsome One, Samson the dog, CGC.  Smiley Face.

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Jewels said...

Beautiful Mister Handsome!