Wednesday, July 14, 2010


While we were gone, a branch fell from one of our oak trees.  It wasn't a small branch.  It was a huge branch.  So big, so heavy that we couldn't move it.  Paul broke out the Husqvarna and started to work.  


Completely out of character, I asked Paul to let me take a turn with the chainsaw.  I was most worried about breaking a nail.  The hearty leather work gloves protected my hands.  No digits were lost in the evolution.  We were all safe.  And we have some word to season and should be ready in a year.  :)  
This is the second time that we have had a large branch fall off that tree.  The first time a branch fell, we were in Chicago when Paul took command for his final tour.  We were so fortunate that the branch didn't hit the house - it came within a few feet of the bay window.   This branch fell away from the house and came within inches of the back fence and power lines.  Whew.  
I hope we are done with falling trees.  

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