Sunday, August 22, 2010


We had a weekend getaway planned. Samson the dog spent one lucky weekend with his favorite peeps at Whiskers Pet Resort.  They spoil the fur off him; I am always amazed that he even wants to come home.  We spent the weekend at the cottage.  We still have some ongoing work - some plumbing issues that were fixed and now a wasp nest that needs removal.  It's never ending.  
We put up our new sign from our friend, Abi.  
In between work, we had a chance to relax a little.   We sat on the beach and watched the water. 
Lake Huron
Lake Huron
We had a beer with our good friends at the V.   The Paul threw some steaks on the barbie and we had a late dinner.  We enjoyed our new favorite, Educated Guess, a 2007 Cabernet.  

We did...
..the whole weekend.   Thanks Jennifer.  

Cheers to newlyweds Edward and Elisha on their wedding and to Henry and Jan (groom's parents)! Congratulations.  

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