Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bittersweet Symphony

this life.
We spent a wonderful week East of the Equator.  It was wonderful to have Sue join us;  we had ample opportunity to reminisce about Bob and about life.  What struck me so profoundly was how much Sue and Bob lived every day so intentionally.  Quite a takeaway.   We miss Bob.  
From Oscoda September 2010
We spent some time at the V.  I think that they are glad we are gone.  Paul kept winning at pull tabs.    The leaves are already starting to turn up north.  I was surprised how quickly the water has chilled. I was swimming over Memorial Day and the water seemed much colder than last May.  Go figure.

I also had some beautiful sunrises.  With the clouds, the scattering rays were mesmerizing.  Samson and I enjoyed the early morning beach ritual.  He would run around, chasing the seagulls and rolling in the sand;  I would sit in my chair and watch and shoot the water and sky.
And when it was finally time to go, I took one more picture of my beach.  This image will carry me through the fall, winter, February gray days and muddy March and April.  
Bittersweet symphony, this life.  

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