Monday, September 05, 2011

Funny words

Blogger has a really cool feature in its traffic sources.  It will tell you the top ten key-word searches that help random public people find your blog.

Now I do nothing with this blog - don't advertise, don't sell anything, don't save lives or put women on Mars.  Nope, I just write about Samson the dog, our cottage on Lake Huron and now and then, post a picture or five.  Or ten.

So here are some examples.

Referring sites I totally get
cottage living blog
living life in a cottage blog
weather nerd gifts  (I love this one in particular because I AM a weather nerd)

One I sort of get 
michele m. - yonkers senior caregiver

Referring sites that make absolutely no sense at all
deirdre blog italia
sleeping zzz clip art
we dont sign everwhere
clip art sleep zzz
close up of a plain white leg cast

White leg cast?  sleeping zzz?  Does this blog put people in leg casts or to sleep? And I haven't been to Italy.

Oh well, just the crazy world of Google words and people's searches.  

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