Tuesday, September 06, 2011


We have had a glorious cottage weekend, with the promise of more.  We met some wonderful new neighbors, both south and north, both two legged and four legged.

I have noticed a rather universal response to Mr. Handsome.  I forget frequently, how big he his, what an imposing presence he has, and how he can unintentionally intimidate those who don't know him, or simply don't know dogs.  It takes a while for new friends to warm up to him.

From 2011-09-05

There are not words to adequately convey his warmth, his unmitigated joy in his world, his desire to share his beach, his bones, his toys.

It wasn't always like this.  This sweet 100 lb German shepherd dog would run from us when we took out a broom;  he would hide under the table when I popped a trash bag for the container;  he would cower and shake when we tried to put him in the car.

It took a while, a lot of time in training, with Paul running him and wearing him out, time giving him puppy treats every time we took out a broom or popped a trash bag.

But we are there.  He is there.  We love him so.

From 2011-09-05
When you walk by us on the beach, say hello. He would love for you to throw his chuck it.

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