Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Summer shoes and the vernal equinox

The last day of winter was the warmest day ever in the state of Michigan.  In the 80s.  Today is going up to 86 and it's the first day of spring.  We turned on our air conditioning.  Sissies, I know.  Yesterday felt like a warm, muggy day in June.   One irony is that our heating bills have been unbelievable low.  I suspect that this will be offset by our air conditioning costs.

Such is life.

I am already wearing sandals to work.  The thought of putting on socks or nylons is incomprehensible.  And it got me thinking of my real summer shoes.

From 2011-07-08

From 2011-07-08
So welcome spring in the midst of summer.  Here's hoping that we don't get the missing blizzard in July.

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