Saturday, April 21, 2012


There are many things in life I don't understand.  I suspect that I won't because it's not intended as such.  But I work at it.

I couldn't understand, as we were shopping for the cottage why in the world anyone would want to live on an inland lake.  It was beyond comprehension for me.  But as I have adjusted and acclimated, I have an inkling.  It's just a hint.  But I get a glimpse of another way of thinking.

Inland lakes are calmer.  They seemed to be better suited for small crafts and sporting (like water skiing or boarding).  That's nice.

But what they lack are waves.  Smashing, pounding, beating, pulsating waves.  To me, there is nothing on earth like the sound of pounding waves.  Better than any Brian Eno music.  Or Bryan Ferry.  Or even Kate Bush.

From 2012-04-21

From 2012-04-21

From 2012-04-21

And here we sit, East of the Equator, listening the sound of heaven on earth.  Cheers to the weekend, wherever you are. 

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Rik said...

Hi, I´m from México. I really enjoy reading your blog because is very relaxing. The pictures are beautiful, so paceful. Saludos!