Sunday, May 27, 2012

Life is better

at the Lake.  At least that is what my glass says.

Where else to spend our long weekend but at our favorite home-away-from-home.  To watch the sun rise, to listen to the waves crash, and to watch the stars sparkle.

We always stop two places while hanging in Oscoda.  We shop at Klenows, a small market in Tawas;  then correspondingly, we stop in at Brew Krew to buy wine to accompany our purchase.   This trip was no different.  I always look forward to these adventures. 

We popped in on our early morning shop hoping to find some stuffed pork chops.  The place is hopping busy.  I looked around and didn't see any stuffed chops but knowing that they have a great selection asked.  The butcher said, "no we don't." Bummer I thought.  And then he said, "but we can make you some."

For real? For real.  He asked for 15 minutes to make the stuffing and stuff the chops.  I was floored.  But we were thrilled.  What service.  I LOVE that place.  So we have stuffed pork chops on tonight's menu. 

A storm rolled through late Sunday morning and stayed for the day. It brought drenching rain, rolling white caps, and strong winds.  Perfect weather for good books and naps.

From Memorial Day weekend 2012

From Memorial Day weekend 2012

From Memorial Day weekend 2012

Other than a small plumbing problem that will be fixed later this week, it's been close to perfect.  Oh, and the glass is right.  It's better up here.  At the Lake.

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