Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Good eats

There is a restaurant in Harrisville, the Old Place Inn,  that I frequent whenever possible.  Usually it is for lunch on Saturdays when we are EOTE.   I have had dinner there and it was exquisite too.  While we were here for the weekend,  we headed up for lunch.  And of course, Saturday's lunch was no exception.

Don, the chef, is a MASTER at soups.  Seriously, I can't figure out why the place isn't constantly packed.  People from around the state should be flocking here.

Saturday's soups were:
Cream of Mushroom (this is seriously unreal- best soup that I have ever had until the seafood chowder)
Carolina Seafood Chowder (my current very favorite soup)
Chirizo with wheat noodles (outstanding)

From Weekend in June 2012 EOTE

Really, there is nothing bad there.  I had a cup of each because it is the most amazing soup on the planet.  And then I miss out on his amazing sandwiches.  But that's okay.

Don came out to say hi. I had to ask him about the soups.  The chowder and chiritzo had a unique kick, something that just made my mouth come alive.   He smiled and the told us that it is red curry paste.  And he buys it at a little store on Division, just south of 28th Street.   He knows that we are from GR.  :)  I couldn't believe it! Right in my backyard.

He brought out the bottle to show us.  I had a take a picture, otherwise I would forget.  I hate getting old.

From Weekend in June 2012 EOTE

If you get up there, try and stop in and have some soup.  You really won't be disappointed. Cheers!

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