Sunday, July 22, 2012


I skipped a lot of things growing up.  Somehow, someway, I completely bypassed nature and wildlife.  Up reflection, I gather it's because I don't care much for camping, getting dirty and not being able to shower, and  less-than-luxurious sleeping accommodations.  All of this I equated with nature and wildlife.

Well that was a mistake.

When we bought the cottage, I thought that I was fulfilling a life long dream of owning my own slice of heaven on Lake Huron.  And that I did.  We did.  I was completely unprepared for all the benefits and bonuses that came with the sun, sand, and surf.

The wildlife around us is astonishing.  We have been entertained by the foxes, enamored by the herons, and annoyed by the brilliantly colored, yet loud woodpeckers.

Then there is this:

From 2012-07-21

From 2012-07-21

From 2012-07-21

Sometimes when I see the eagle, I have to stop and pinch myself.  Here is this eagle living right next door to me, hanging in the trees, looking for lunch or dinner.  

Seriously, like it's just somehow normal to have an eagle next door.  An eagle.  Living right next door to ME.  Wow.  

We don't take this for granted. Life is beautiful and life is especially beautiful up here.  Cheers from EOTE.  

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