Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dog friendly

Our wonderful cottage, EOTE, is by all accounts a remarkable place.  Reason # 286?  It's dog friendly.

Four cottages in a row have a Bella, a Sammy (our Samson), another Bella, and ANOTHER Sammy (Samantha).  Really what are the odds?

And to make it all the sweeter, our neighbor loves Samson.  And Samson loves, and I do mean loves her.

From 2012-07-14

From 2012-07-14

If Livy is on the beach and he is not, the whining is pitiful.  If she is on the beach, he must be near her.  If she is in the water, he watches her like a hawk.

It is really quite beautiful.  As long as he is on the beach, she is safe.  I cannot say the same for her goldfish.

Cheers to the weekend. 

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