Monday, July 30, 2012

Because once wasn't enough

We had a visit from a second eagle.  Someone pinch me.

This time though, this time was the best.  My friend Sandi who has suffered through all my pictures and never been present when the eagle stopped by ... well, she was here this time.

And she got to see him, and shoot him, and gush about seeing the eagle. We got to gush together, share pictures, and gush some more.  There was a lot of gushing.

I will say this.  Seeing an eagle right next door is simply unbelievable.  He was HUGE. Massive wing span.  Punishing talons.  Piercing eyes.  Absolutely, stunningly beautiful.

It will never get ordinary - like honey, we need milk and oh, there is an eagle in the tree.  It will always be holy crap, there is AN EAGLE IN THE TREE, drop everything, grab the camera, and approach.

One step at a time. I know exactly how close is enough, and exactly how close is too close.  I love to watch them take off.

And as ever, I am grateful for a decent telephoto lens.  This pictures look close but I am quite a distance away, down on the ground.  Pitiful me.  No wings to soar with, my dear.
From 2012-07-28

From 2012-07-28

This one made me laugh. 
From 2012-07-28

When I get right underneath, he is done.  He took off.  I am just shooting.  Grateful for a large buffer. 
From 2012-07-28
From 2012-07-28
From 2012-07-28

I check the tree limb frequently during the day.  I am hopeful and at the same time grateful.  Once was a gift, twice a joy.  Plenty but still wanting more.  

Cheers from EOTE.  


Karen said...

Wow. How long is your lens?

Deirdre Honner said...

70-300 with a 1.4 crop. Nice and if you get into much longer, I need a tripod. This was all handheld.