Sunday, March 31, 2013

a brief break

It's a wonderful weekend, Easter weekend.  For us, it's a time of reflection and renewal.  It's also a time to take a break.  A break from work.  A break from stuff.  A break from the ear debacle. 

So we drove east, then north, then east again, then north again.  Then east into our driveway. 

We had a gorgeous sunrise.  This beauty was taken with my phone.


We walked the beach and the changes are wild.  We have added another 40-50 ft of beach.  The low levels of the lake concern me.


I am standing at water's edge, looking at the cottages. 


Standing at my seawall, buried under piles of sand, you can see how far away the water is ...


I am hopeful but not holding my breath that we will have enough rain before the summer to raise the water levels.  It's still beautiful even with the water levels this low.

Happy Easter. 

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ruraldweller said...

This is such a quiet getaway! I like this. Could you leave an address, please? Thanks.