Sunday, March 24, 2013

sweet samson's saga

Several weeks ago, we noticed something funny about Samson's ear.  After surgery, a cone, learning to navigate the house with plastic horribleness wrapped around his head, suture removal, more healing, more stupid cone, et cetera, et cetera.


It was all for naught. 

The damn thing came back.  His ear filled back up with blood. 

This week, we have had the ear drained twice.  Fortunately, the hematoma is much smaller than the first time and we are hoping this time, well this time it's for keeps. 



Tuesday he goes back under the knife.  More sutures. More of that damn cone. But he just rolls with it.  We say, "come on sweet boy, let's get the cone on" and he just trots over and sticks his neck out.  It's his new normal right now.  And ours. 

He is such a trooper.  We will do it all again but are looking forward to the day of no cone. 


Karen said...

Oh no not again. Poor guy. So sweet how he sticks his neck out =(

Deirdre Honner said...

I know. We are really disappointed. But he is SUCH a sweet dog. We will get through it. At least it isn't summer.

Gary said...

So that's what it's all about. I missed the original post about what the cone was all about. Thanks for the update. I just hope this is the final surgery, and that he will be fine. Very cute about sticking his neck out. I'll bet he's going to miss that cone when it comes off for good. ;)