Saturday, May 11, 2013

May in Michigan

It's beautiful here.  I feel like a broken record but if you haven't been to the east side of the state of Michigan, you haven't seen sunrises like this:

The weather here?  You just never know what you are going to get.  Three years ago at this time, it was almost warm enough to swim in Lake Huron; over Memorial Day weekend of that year we were swimming.  Last year, it hit 80 in March and we were in the water in June.

This year?  well, who knows.  It's snowing in mid-Michigan as I write this and I strongly suspect that we won't be swimming in two weeks.  Or even three.Who cares.  It's gorgeous here and it never stops Mr. Handsome.

Samson at the cottage

We had a good walk on the beach and he couldn't stay out of the water.  Despite to cold south wind and very cool temps.

And we spent the day reading.  I had plenty and finished two.

And tonight, we have rain pouring down from the heavens, a fire in the fireplace, and baseball on TV.  Life is good here, just East of the Equator.

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