Saturday, June 01, 2013

about the weather

no, not the song by Magazine ... the weather on the beach.  Our beach. 

last week, we got to see our beautiful friend and neighbor make a brief appearance.  it is so humbling and so amazing to see him watch us. 


back of his head

Crazy gorgeous.

we came up this weekend despite the threat of bad weather.  as my friends say, and I agree, a bad day at the lake is better than a good day anywhere else.  Well, it wasn't bad at all.  It was gorgeous. 

we were driving home from lunch (lunch at the gas station which is another post unto itself) and we saw a wedding party set up at a resort.  complete with parking valets.  the weather held - despite the threat of thunderstorms and hail, we had nothing but blue skies and abundant sunshine. 


how cool is that? we couldn't stand it.  we had to go look.  so a 90 minute walk on the beach and we got to see some awesome people having a blast at a wedding. 



we didn't go too close ... the photographer was taking pictures and we wanted to stay out of her way. but I did snap this.


happy, happy day to the bride and groom.  cheers from east of the equator!

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