Saturday, June 08, 2013

gas station dining

could you imagine?  eating in a meal in a gas station?  me neither.  It could be a quick post except ... well, we found this restaurant attached to a gas station.  In Oscoda.

Hokeyspitballs as my good friend says.  It is unbelievably good food.

They make all their own bread.  Every day.


We just order from this warm and delightful woman and she takes care of everything.


They also have a smoker in back and they smoke all their own meats.  The sandwiches come on their homemade bread, toasted to order with generous amounts of meat and cheese.  Today, along with my crazy good ham sub, I had a bowl of aged white cheddar soup.  Insanely good. Paul had pulled pork and bacon.  Yum. 

Now, one of the challenges is I think their copywriter quit before double checking the menus.  I have some problems with the punctuation.  Or missing punctuation. Possessives standing in for plurals.  Issues that make me twitch and take pictures. 

Problems with punctuation

But the poor punctuation doesn't take away from the amazing food.  And it's why we keep going back - eating lunch in a gas station. 

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