Saturday, August 24, 2013


If you haven't read Susan Cain's book Quiet, you should.  To the extroverted reader, my blog will make much more sense after reading her stuff.  And given that up to half of us are introverts, you should, if you don't, know what that means. 

trust me. it's gooooood stuff. 

I had the entire weekend alone.  Paul is with friends and Samson is at the happy place.  I got up here Friday afternoon and it has been quiet. Like in no noise.  No talking.  No music.  No TV.   Just me, my camera, the pounding surf, periodic planes, a rising moon, a steady SSE breeze, and a stray police siren. 

heaven +1

Crazy gorgeous.

A little shade.

My BFF Bella comes and makes herself right at home under my umbrella.  She doesn't talk.  She is always welcome.

and then heads back over to Mom.  I love this dog.

Our neighbor to the south is teaching himself to kiteboard.  He has a beautiful sail.


We are a creative lot up and down the beach - lots of umbrellas, chairs, coolers, and swimming gear.

No better place for a nap.

Overhead was REALLY busy.   This plane came through really low.

and this the almost full but waning Blue Moon, Full Sturgeon Moon, Full Red Moon, Green Corn Moon and Grain Moon.  by any name, it's simply beautiful. 

not full, awfully orange, but pretty darn gorgeous.

Another perfect weekend, East of the Equator. 

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