Sunday, August 18, 2013

weekend wind down

We drove north Thursday night, looking forward to a long weekend at the cottage.   The weather was everything that we had hoped for all summer.

Crystal clear skies.  Warm breezes.  Bright sunshine.   Lots and lots of beach time.

Paul had a friend fly up for the day.  Stayed for lunch and took a ride around Oscoda and Tawas.   Of course, I stayed on the beach to capture their fly by.

Ride by the cottage

With Samson along this weekend, he couldn't help himself - like the rolex he is, up at 6 am .... and so was I.  At least I could capture this:


We enjoyed our Saturday night with a steak on the grill and a lovely Joel Gott in our glass.


We see subtle ways the season is ending.  The days are shorter.  Sunset is earlier.  People talking about back-to-school this and back-to-school that.   We aren't ready.  Summer just started.  Or so it seems.

He loves it here.


And so do we.  

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