Friday, September 20, 2013

a quiet end

to summer.  It has been a pretty cool summer, cool like in temperature.  We had a number of chores to do, so we took a day off to head up and work.

we stacked wood.
we cleaned the deck.
we took a nap.

and, I took a deep breath and went for a swim.  I won't lie - it's wasn't warm ... but it was moderate.  I swam for about 30 minutes before heading up.

we head into fall.  the leaves up north are already starting to change, color-kissed by the grand Painter.  stunning.  beautiful.  glorious.

after all the work today, we are kicking back with pork chops in the oven and a nice chardonnay in our glass.


these days, and weeks, and months fly by.  I've lost my stop-time button ... and I think about how quickly this summer passed and I get a little anxious.  my chest tightens.  I need time to slow down.  For Handsome Boy to quit greying around his muzzle and keep his quick step.  for the lazy-hazy daze of summer to stretch indefinitely.  


tomorrow is fall.  welcome falling temps, falling leaves, and eventually falling snow.  good bye summer.  come back soon.

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